The Backstory

So, Ashlee from Creative Thinking Well made this amazing short story about the origins of the battle between the Tall Ones and Splot. It is amazing! Here it is: The Tall Ones Splot stares down the barren land, laughing to himself. This is it, just a bit further until… until what? He thinks, side glancing at Dog+Cat […]

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The Hourglasses

The Hourglasses are mystical forces that have powers not totally known to anyone in the desert. They can destroy or create things, make the user gain super powers, or even power devices like batteries. As we can observe when Splot’s guitar breaks, the green hourglass inside fixes it, possibly even making the guitar more powerful. […]

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Story Twenty Four: Mercenary

Sure, the Tall Ones are back, and they have a new monster on their side, but they can always use help against Splot, who’s magic electric guitar may just have a powerful weapon. Time to call in a cutthroat named Mercenary, who has undoubtedly got a few tricks up his sleeve. Watch as an old hourglass appears once […]

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